more than chatter and

make it meaningful & engaging

design is our passion, it simply means doing what we love

magic and logic connection

We engage your consumer with the magic & logic allowing your brand to continually challenge and reinvent the ways people think and act.

Each piece of work created has a life of it’s own.

the whole is greater than the sum of its parts



We believe in meaningful conversations throughout the entire process, because in our experience this generates high quality, detail-oriented results.

Smart solutions that contribute to a positive change, on time and within budget.


We transform a brand through keen insights that enable human-centered solutions.

Thinking like a designer to enhance the customer journey.


We view your brand through the eyes of others. It’s just not your product, your website, or your logo.

It’s what your audience perceives and how you make them feel.


For us it’s about making your brand more magnetic. When you do that, your brand can change the way people see the world.

Make them more aware than they were minutes ago.

what our clients have to say

” Adrian has provided innovative, strategic and business-savvy design and creative solutions for me for more than 20 years. I have engaged his services at various global (30+ countries) organisations across the service industry, financial services, banking, and e-commerce sectors. Adrian’s global solutions ranged from the creation of new corporate identities, marketing materials to the repositioning of product/service offers, office design, tactical promotions and internal communication. In every case, these creative solutions lead to an increase of awareness and business success – adding real value for the brands to our balance sheet. In addition, Adrian always delighted us with a very special ‘twist’ and refinement in his work. To top it all, he is a great guy to work with!”

Anton Aucamp
London Stock Exchange | Head of Marketing – MTS

“Adrian’s particular strengths lie in expressly understanding the customer’s requirements and needs and developing those into business solution designs. He is an incredibly talented and creative designer with a very strong work ethic, reflecting dedication and honesty. I can always rely on him to get the job done under any time constraint.”

Sarah van Dijk
TNT Express | Brand Communication Executive

“Adrian has proven to be the most diverse, dependable and fast designer i have ever worked with. His level of design is always high, and he combines it with great speed, which is nice in this field of work. Typically, you could employ him as a lead designer everywhere because he also is good in organising the work for himself and others.”

Joris Hofmans
Close & Counter l Special Agents

” Working with Adrian truly made the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show project a thrill! Personally I have never worked with a better or more pleasant creative. He’s able to oversee and direct the creative process as well as interact in a hands on manner. He has a great eye for detail and an efficient pace from start to finish. I’ll hire him for another project without a doubt! “

Marc de Jong Luneau
Close & Counter l Special Agents

“Working with Adrian was a true joy and I can recommend doing so to anybody. He is reliable, creative, patient, flexible, has a great sense of humour and always delivers his work on time and at a high standard.”

Nina Marx
Close & Counter l Special Agents

“Adrian is a creative & talented designer who’s motivation & determination is evident in any project he undertakes. Working individually or in a team, he is able to deliver a winning product within time frame & on budget. I would be be grateful to work with Adrian again in the future.”

Thein Nguyen
SEA Design l Managing Director

” I couldn’t have chosen a more talented, versatile, high-energy and responsible designer with a multi-faceted background for the secondment position to replace our Creative Director during maternity leave. Adrian understands his client’s brand needs and quickly pulls together the right team to achieve the project objective. His international experience provides useful feedback, innovative solutions and takes personal pride in delivering the highest quality results. He is a great mentor and colleague with a great attitude that makes it very fun to collaborate with. He is always accessible and delighted to answer the many questions a young designer may have. Adrian would be an excellent addition to any creative team.“

Digby Beckley
KSDP Design Australia | CEO

“Adrian is a talented and inspired designer who creates inspirational and commercially effective work. He works hard to deliver in a timely manner and is great in working with clients to understand their briefs in order to make sure the work meets requirements. He is fun to have around, a great team member and team leader. It was a pleasure having him in my team.”

Sophie Seveno
Brown KSDP Amsterdam | Managing Director

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